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We have been providing high-quality eye care to the Southern Arizona community since 1974.

Our retina specialists are always available to take care of your retinal, medical, and surgical needs.


Read about the advanced technology we use in-house to provide an accurate and thorough diagnosis.

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Research the various conditions and diseases of the retina, and learn how to diagnose and treat them.

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Learn about the treatments and services we offer to treat your retinal disease or condition.

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Read about the outpatient procedures we offer and the hospitals that we are a part of.

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State of the Art Technology & Highly Trained Staff

Our highly trained staff strive for excellence in care, and participate in providing consultative, diagnostic, and treatment services within one office visit, when appropriate, an important time saver for working and out-of-town patients.

3 Convenient Locations

Retina Centers has 3 offices located in Southern Arizona. All of our office are on public transportation routes, are located on the first floor, and are handicap accessible.

Our Doctors

Dr. Novalis, Dr. Wong, and Dr. Lee are Board Certified eye physicians and surgeons specializing in problems affecting the retina. Dr. Novalis established the first retina center in Southern Arizona in 1974.


George S. Novalis, MD is an ophthalmologistand vitreoretinal surgeon who was invited by the medical community of Tucson to establish the first center for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the retina and vitreous in Southern Arizona in 1974. He received his Medical Degree…



Ryan K. Wong, MD is a vitreoretinal surgeon who was born and raised in Tucson, AZ.  Dr. Wong has extensive training and experience in the management of medical and surgical diseases of the retina and vitreous, including severe diabetic eye disease, trauma, and proliferative vitreoretinopathy…



Shelly T. Lee, MD grew up in Southern California. She graduated from Harvard University (Cum Laude in Chemistry) and received her medical degree from Duke University School of Medicine. Dr. Lee is a Board Certified vitreoretinal surgeon and uveitis and ocular inflammation specialist…


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Latest News

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Multiple sclerosis can damage the nerves in the eye, leading to optic neuritis. Symptoms of optic neuritis include vision problems, painful eyes, and temporary vision loss.Multiple sclerosis (MS) can cause inflammation and damage[…]

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Eye-Opening Study: Relationship Between Glaucoma and Poor Sleep

A study of more than 6,700 people in the United States over age 40 who answered a survey about their sleep revealed possible connections between glaucoma and sleep problems. Glaucoma is a disease[…]

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Proposed Cigarette Labels Illustrate Risks of Smoking, Including Blindness

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently proposed new warning labels for cigarettes and cigarette advertising. The labels aim to better show how smoking harms health. The new warnings include[…]

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